Monday, November 23, 2009

Wikipedia assignment

This article says that the quarry was in operation until 2003, but it actually closed down in the early 90's. Also, it says employees still mine granite there, which is totally false considering the quarry is locked down and impossible to enter. I submitted my edit yesterday, but it has yet to change.
Update 11/27/2009: I went back over break to see if the edits I made changed at all, but I still found the same article I originally tried to edit. I attempted to make the changes again, but at this point nothing has changed. I cited the information properly so I am not sure why they would not allow the alteration.
Update 12/6/2009: This was the third time I attempted to change the article. I made my edit on December 4th, but still have not seen any significant change. It's strange because this time I only attempted to change the closing date without the mention of people no longer mining granite there, but as of now I still see the original article with the incorrect year (2003) of the plant's closing.

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